Mirror Neurons

Ongoing body of work includes original work on paper (acrylic, watercolors, inks, dyes) and iterations (site specific and digital).

These psychological landscapes imagine the human experience through a holistic prism— opening spaces for hope and relating to uncertainty in ourselves, others and society. Improvisational marks are distilled from negative imprints of a handmade printing process inspired by traditional woodblock printing. Color washes of paints and ink are transferred between the hard surface of panels and the forgiving texture of paper.

Through digital documentation and site specific iterations, I bring attention to details and may reframe scenes drawing inspiration from such things as theatre sets, peeling wallpaper, jungian dream analysis, neuroscience and more. Everything is connected through the creative process to imagine an infinite stage— with a performance of moving parts, intimate details, synergies, feedback loops, ecosystems, and the spiritual realm.