The Color of Belonging (aka Urban Mobility Lab) began in 2017, in collaboration with Jiwar AIR in Barcelona, and was part of a five year international program. Under the theme of mobility, I conducted a creative research process involving multi-cultural surveys, walking and conversations, and digital recordings. These studies were interpreted into textile maps, iconic prints, photographs and writing. The visual language that emerged opened an introspective door to the emotional life of the city. The work highlighted the welcoming atmosphere of Barcelona neighbourhoods in the midst of political revolution, migration and gentrification. This work was supported by a generous grant from Jiwar with the City of Barcelona. It was an honor to be selected for the final year of the Making Neighbourhood Project in which 15 artists have participated. An Exhibition involving the Gracia community took place with artists Elif Gulen and Isidor Fernandez, in collaboration with Jiwar’s Mireia Estrada and Pablo.