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A digital archive and creative process to memorialize the city of Barcelona's unique identity as a synthesis of personal and collective perspectives. People may contribute through an online survey in Catalan, Spanish and English. Also containing visual and audio recordings of public and private spaces in Barcelona, the archive platform is like a time capsule of the urban landscape beyond traditional tourist guides and newspaper headlines.

The project along with the two other artists was presented in the Gracia Placa de la Vila (exhibition link).
This project was selected among many applications for a grant from Jiwar Creation and Society, an artist residency for creative research that receives funding from the City of Barcelona. (Note: These are placeholder images while our documentation is in progress, please check back for updates.)

site study in Barcelona at Jiwar residency (my room)
digital photo
research artifact inspired by Catalan poet Joan Margarit
text & textiles
snapshots of neighborhood site studies, the holistic experience
clothes line, clips, prints of digital photos
darning urbanism (section)
textiles, tape
the shape of change
mixed media on paper