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Can't Trace Time is a series body of work comprised of relatively large mixed media paintings comprised of acrylic, house paint, ink, graphite and other materials on panel. Get lost in these atmospheric scenes that give form to the physical and psychological environment inviting associations and memories. This work alternates between intimate and distant space, considering the sensory experience of place and time.

here and there
acrylic, house paint & ink on panel
36" x 36"
chrysalis  (SOLD)
acrylic, interior house paint, graphite
36" x 36"
orbit  (SOLD)
acrylic, house paint, & ink on panel
acrylic, house paint & ink on panel
beatiful life  (SOLD)
acrylic, house paint & graphite on panel
48" x 38"
under the moon i  (SOLD)
acrylic, house paint, ink, watercolors, graphite on panel
walking in time  (SOLD)
mixed media on unstretched canvas

Can't Trace Time series