San Francisco based artist Michele King opens doors into the perception of self in relationship with the world. Her paintings and interdisciplinary projects are a form of navigation between the self, others, physical space, and the invisible world. Her work results from a combination of material experimentation, conversations, documentary field work, writing and research. Michele is also influenced by her interdisciplinary background in urbanism and public policy. She is passionate about the role of artists and the creative process overall— as an accessible channel for raising questions, challenging perceptions, reflecting mystery, and supporting the spirit in uncertain times.

Michele has been exhibiting her work for close to two decades. Current projects include The Color of Belonging public spaces research, Mirror Neurons work on paper, and site specific collaborations (forthcoming). Recent endeavors include The Poetics of Light (review) at Avenue 12 Gallery in San Francisco, Making Neighbourhoods research residency and public exhibition in Barcelona, and an art+science collaboration with Stanford Urban Resilience Lab.

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